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Copy and pasted from twitter for everyone's convenience! I'll delete this journal later on. Anywho.

Oh boy, fun was had last night, wasn't it! I received a really interesting note regarding the whole farce involving certain people and it proved what I thought was going on. This person wishes to remain anonymous but said it was ok to post what they said to help clear things up.

Here it is;

'I'm really sorry to have to message you. You have every right to be upset or disgusted or creeped out by what those kids did, but I'm talking to you as a friend of one of them. I'm not telling you what they're repeating over and over because they were wrong and everything, but I'm telling you as a sort of warning because this is dangerous territory.
And you don't have to listen to me honestly but these kids will keep bringing this up I promise you, and they'll try to ruin you because you 'harrassed' them. I love your art, love your comics and animations, and I don't want to see someone I recently began to look up to be bombarded with hate and/or wariness due to something that isn't your fault.

I'm not telling you to apologize, I'm just asking you to handle this as civilly as possible because they'll use everything you say as ammunition at this point and claim you've cornered them when I understand and know you're behaving in a reasonable way because someone stole your and your friends' characters and designs. I've been trying to advise my friend to behave civilly but they have poor impulse control and I can already see that they've attacked you in a conversation had with you.

I'm not quite sure what to suggest you do or if you'll even read this (i understand if you don't and also understand if you dislike me for bringing it up, if you don't consider it a big issue) but I ask you keep any and everything private if you can, especially concerning me. I'm willing to try to work this out like well-sound adults, but they aren't and won't be if you or your followers are made out to be sending them hate or mocking them (they've already been sent hate). 

Like I said I'm so very sorry about this, I wasn't even aware of the character coincidences until today when I discovered WC and I assure you they meant no harm, though it is an annoyance amd near flat-out theft (i o ly say near due to the animal discrepancies)

I hope your birds are well and that you have a pleasant rest of the day, and that this whole thing smooths over well.

P. S. I'm not trying to be creepy or rude and I'm very sorry if I come off that way, I just care very deeply for the people around me even if they are annoying, and I also apologize sincerely if anything in this note came off as rude or snippy or anything' 

Tl;dr version;

* Kids stole character designs from various artists and claim them as their own.
* Kids get found out and panic; use the mental illness card to play the victim/bring down the cred of the original creators so they can get away with it.
* Kids plan gets found out so they delete everything and move somewhere else, possibly to rinse and repeat.

So there you have it!

If everyone took ten seconds to sit back and think before jumping the gun then this world might be a better place.

And now we can all move on with our lives, yay! 


Aug 28, 2015
6:56 am
Aug 28, 2015
6:52 am
Aug 28, 2015
6:10 am
Aug 28, 2015
6:09 am
Aug 28, 2015
5:43 am


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